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Innovative Partership between Les Impatients and Desjardins

Les Impatients are pleased to announce that Desjardins has become the first company to join forces with Les Impatients to offer creative workshops to its policyholders. This innovative partnership represents a historic first for the organisation. By doing so, Desjardins recognises the health benefits of art and takes concrete action for the well-being of its policyholders.

This partnership paves the way for remarkable developments for the organisation, which wishes to respond to new mental health needs. Frédéric Palardy, general director of Les Impatients, salutes the engagement of Desjardins, which acts as a true pioneer. He adds: “Les Impatients has been working to demystify mental health issues for over 27 years. This partnership, which symbolises years of effort, is a turning point in the history of Les Impatients.”

“It is with great enthusiasm that we embark upon this great adventure with Les Impatients. This is a great opportunity to take concrete action in terms of physical and mental well-being,” asserts Louis Kerba, vice-president, product development and marketing, business, Group and business insurance Desjardins. “This innovative partnership is a first in Canada, and it will allow some of our long-term disability policyholders to benefit from the support and great expertise of Les Impatients. Today, the strength of our two networks come together to foster the inclusion, social support and self-confidence of these creators at Les Impatients,” added Mr. Kerba.

The benefits of the creation workshops offered by Les Impatients are now well established. A recent study* demonstrated that 87% of people attending these creation workshops saw their health improve, and 66% went to hospitals less frequently. Also, many psychiatrists and health workers support the mission of Les Impatients.

The creation workshops, which will begin this winter, will be aimed at Desjardins policyholders in a long-term disability situation. The workshops will take place at the offices of Les Impatients in downtown Montreal and will be led by a visual artist. About 20 people will benefit from these workshops each week.

Desjardins has already been involved with the organisation by supporting the Miroir Miroir evening, which was held at the gallery of Les Impatients last October. The evening highlighted the involvement with Les Impatients of some thirty ambassadors.


The announcement of this partnership was made on February 25, 2020 during the opening of the Nous exhibition, of which Desjardins is the official presenter. The event took place at the Les Impatients’ gallery.


Photo Credit: Denise Barria
From left to right : Mia, workshop participant; Jean-Bernard Trudeau, Chairman of the Board of Les Impatients; Chantal Rouleau, ministre de la métropole; Lorraine Palardy, founder of Les Impatients; Frédéric Palardy, General Manager of Les Impatients; Louis Kerba, vice-president, Product Development and Marketing, Assurances groupes et entreprises, Desjardins et Marc Bertossini, Director, Marketing, Assurance Groupes et entreprises, Desjardins


* These figures are the result from a study conducted in 2014 under the direction of Dr. Catherine Briand of the Université de Montréal.