Mobilia, fashion designer Nathon Kong and Les Impatients join forces during the pandemic - Les Impatients

Mobilia, fashion designer Nathon Kong and Les Impatients join forces during the pandemic

Believe it or not, some good has actually come from COVID-19. Case in point: the coming together of Mobilia, designer Nathon Kong and Les Impatients.

The organization Les Impatients helps people with mental illness through artistic expression. The work of artist Antonio Mazza, one of such people, now stands among Mobilia’s line of wall art. His creation is also featured on silk face masks designed by Nathon Kong. Montreal-based designer with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from McGill University, Kong drew attention to his namesake brand last spring after shifting part of his work to provide stylish and comfortable face masks.

Johannes Kau, president of Mobilia, had been interested for quite some time in working with Kong, who was already involved with Les Impatients. Brought together during the pandemic, the two are especially proud of this original and exclusive collaboration.

“We want to thank Nathon Kong, Les Impatients and Antonio Mazza for giving us this opportunity to showcase their work and talent in our stores, all while raising money in support of an organization that has an impact on thousands of lives,” says Johannes Kau.

“We’re extremely pleased that Mobilia chose artwork supported by Les Impatients. Our organization is spearheading various initiatives to promote our artists’ work. And the fact that the partnership is built on the work of Antonia Mazza, a one-of-a-kind artist whose talent has been recognized by leading institutions, is the cherry on top,” mentions Frédéric Palardy, director general of Les Impatients.

“We’re proud of this new collaboration with Mobilia and are grateful for this opportunity. Nathon Kong puts forward stylish, high-quality fabric, which is used to make these face masks. Through our work with Les Impatients, and more specifically with Antonio Mazza, customers can make a purchase for a good cause and, in return, get a product featuring unique artwork and a compelling story,” explains Nathon Kong, founder and president of Nathon Kong.

The MAZZA collection includes a face mask as well as a painting on canvas available in Mobilia stores
and online at

Painting on canvas
(30 inches x 50 inches) $399
Limited quantity, 50 prints available.
For each print sold, Mobilia will donate $55
to Les Impatients.
Please note that one face mask is included with the purchase of a painting.

Face mask: $35
For each face mask sold, Mobilia
will donate $5 to Les Impatients.

About Antonio Mazza
Antonio Mazza took part in Les Impatients workshops up until 2012. His unique and colourful drawings
depict original short narratives full of characters, objects and meticulously thought-out details. And when the visuals aren’t quite enough to convey the story, he uses his very unique handwriting. Over time, he has built up a small collection of recurring figures which he transposes onto paper using crayons to create humorous sketches that he himself finds quite amusing. The Collection de l’Art Brut has acquired 14 of his drawings. His work was also exhibited at the New York Outsider Art Fair in 2020.

About Nathon Kong
At Nathon Kong, our goal is for you to develop a deep connection with
everything we create. Each work of art carries an important story that
deserves to be told and that helps to better understand the work’s beauty.
Our creations and designs have meaning and bring hope. Each piece
is designed to have a positive impact on our communities. Let’s create
something great, together.

About de Mobilia
Founded in Montreal in 1966 by Hans Kau, Mobilia is a family business with
ten locations in Quebec and Ontario. Standing as e-commerce leader in
the furniture industry, MOBILIA offers an enhanced online experience with
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