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Jean Boutin

Born June 13, 1965, Jean Boutin has been attending the workshops since the early 90s. In his paintings, he tirelessly inscribes in pencil and brush dipped in gouache his concerns, his interests, his fixed ideas.

His “writings” are about sports, particularly team names, hockey and baseball players. He draws his large attached and detached letters with spontaneous impulse and without hesitation. I suspect he uses letters the way others use landscape art. I can see the bird with its big flapping wings and I can feel the wind blowing everything in its path.

Monsieur Boutin does not paint to seduce, or even to share, he paints relentlessly with immense personal pleasure, for himself. We have the privilege and the happiness to discover and appreciate a work of creation in its own right.

Source: Johanne Proulx, art therapist (year unknown)

Jean Boutin

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