Winter Inspirations - Les Impatients

Winter Inspirations

The frost in the windows, the snowmen in the park, the afternoons at the skating rink and the hot chocolate back home. For those first on the ski slopes, as much as those who prefer to watch the storm outside the window, there is no doubt that the winter season has its own joys.

To start the year in creation, despite the postponement of the opening of our workshops, we invite you to send us your creations throughout the winter, on the theme of your choice.

Here are some works from our Collection, representing the joys and pleasures of winter!


To participate, send a photo of your work by email, before March 20.

1️⃣- Write the title and your name, or alias.
2️⃣- Limit of one work per person.


Don’t forget to come back here to see the creations we have received throughout summer season! 


Thank you to everyone who participated!


Cover artwork: Benoit Codère, Paysage d’hiver, 2002, Gouache et crayon de plomb sur papier, 30,5 x 45 cm, Collection Les Impatients