Vibrant Space - Les Impatients

Vibrant Space

I was fed up with life and its appearances of success and beauty. I was completely disillusioned from every angle, even my loved ones couldn’t help me see reason. I no longer had reason, only the desire to sleep forever and fade into the abyss where peace had endless reign. Then, after a profusion of barbiturates and months of hospital stays, I was finally convinced to attend these art workshops, and that’s where I slowly found meaning again… A peaceful magic graced my fingertips, bringing me moments of happiness. Each time, in spite of my painting pet peeve, I found a vibrant space of time and a creative buzz. From scribble to scribble, then from face to face, I found a peace and desire to share something with this world. When I was invited to Les Impatients, I didn’t know what I would find or that I would slowly free myself of death. Experiencing art is one of those things where you never know who will get the most out of it. Long live Les Impatients.
Marc Boulais, Rive-Sud Workshop

Marc Boulais