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Embrace the light!

With the days getting longer, light takes an increasing place in our day-to-day life. This same light enables kids to play outside longer, and allows plants and vegetables to grow. Beside illuminating and warming us up, light can guide us, reassure us, and help recharge our batteries. Whether it is natural or artificial, coming from the sun or the moon, creating shadows or reflections, light plays an essential role in our lives.

To inspire your creations, here are some works from our Collection that illustrate the different roles and effects of light.

Choose your preferred medium and let your creativity shine!


To participate, send a photo of your work by email, before April 29th.

1️⃣- Write the title and your name, or alias.
2️⃣- Limit of one work per person.


Don’t forget to come back here to see the creations we have received during the month.


Thank you to everyone who participated!