Creative challenge of the summer! - Les Impatients

Creative challenge of the summer!

Summer is officially here!  It’s so nice to reconnect with great weather, vacations, bicyle or pedestrian excursions, picnics, reading by the water, the sound of locusts, multi flavor ice cream…

To those of you who find inspiration to create all year long, and to pursue the creative challenges fruitful momentum, we invite you to send us your creations throughout summertime, on a theme of your choice.

Here are some works from our Collection, representing the joys and pleasures of summer!


To participate, send a photo of your work by email, before August 31.

1️⃣- Write the title and your name, or alias.
2️⃣- Limit of one work per person.


Don’t forget to come back here to see the creations we have received throughout summer season! 


Thank you to everyone who participated!


Cover artwork: Gilles Pion, Non titré, 1994, Gouache sur carton, 43,5 x 81 cm, Collection Les Impatients