Between the city and the countryside… - Les Impatients

Between the city and the countryside…

For some time now, a lot of us are drawn towards temporarily leaving our homes to go explore our surroundings, whether they are made of concrete and bricks or of earth and greenery. Regardless if we live in the city, the countryside or the suburbs, there will always be an angle, a new corner to discover. A cute alley, a nice park in the middle of a neighborhood, the outlet of a stream, a herd of cows resting in a field, skyscrapers with thousands of windows… Possibilities are endless!

To inspire your creations, here are some works from our Collection illustrating urban or rural scenes.
Choose your preferred medium and let your creativity run free!


To participate, send a photo of your work by email, before June 18th.

1️⃣- Write the title and your name, or alias.
2️⃣- Limit of one work per person.


Don’t forget to come back here to see the creations we have received throughout May and June. 


Thank you to everyone who participated!